The Why of Mr. SUPER-A

by | 4th Sep 2020

THE PUBLICATION OF my book Lone WOLF Becoming a Super-Ager determined the direction of my ambition to create the Super-A Wellness brand. I’m proud to be called: Mr. Super-A and to be a guest trainer at several of the world’s top spas. Yet, no matter where I was in the world, the consistent overriding message from people of my age is that they are more interested in looking good, rather than looking younger and that it’s not about age it’s about mindset.

The beauty industry is worth trillions of pounds but actress Helen Mirren’s off-the-cuff remark at a beauty industry event: “moisturiser probably does fuck all,” is not that far from the truth. Super-A is at an embryonic stage: the aim is to change the image and ageing conversation – this is not another euphemism you can’t understand.

Ageing is inevitable, but how we age is different for everyone. At around 40, most people realise their body no longer functions as well as it used to. By their late-40s three-quarters of people said they suffered joint pain daily. The desire to defy age and improve physical performance is as ancient as human history itself. The discipline to exercise is not necessarily there in people who need to do it the most. When you want to exercise, but don’t, it most likely results from being insufficiently motivated. You will only achieve something if you really want it—it’s as simple as that.

I have now teamed up with my long-standing friend Josh Salzmann a fellow Super-A who I have known for over 35 years, together, we have 80-years of combined fitness experience. Our collaboration is that of two lone wolves dropping their egos to deliver a message beyond the form of words.

We aim to change the narrative around ageing. Too often in our culture, ageing is viewed as synonymous with weakness—something to fear and prevent. The concept of ‘anti-ageing’ is marketed by companies to play on the fear of getting old.

While the Super-A approach accepts that ageing is inevitable, it teaches that by making smart lifestyle choices we can take control of how we age. Super-A (Ageing, Ability, Amazing, Abundant, Accomplished…) re-casts the experience that comes with ageing as an Asset to draw on, to learn from—as something to respect.

We are building a community of Super-A’s—those who have ‘walked the walk’ for years. Only 5% of the population reach Super-A status: the status of being biologically younger than their chronological age. It should be an inspirational goal to people of all ages to become one. For the 40-plus every year is a goal to defy age and achieve the ultimate looks victory – to become a Super-A when nobody can guess how old they are.

We have seen trends come and go—from those that have shed light on important health and wellness issues, to those that should never have seen the light of day. Every fitness magazine you open, and every fitness site you click on, claims to give you the inside scoop on how to shed pounds and get a body like your favourite celebrity—a magic pill to ‘get fit quick’.

Guess what! There is no magic pill, and no get fit quick formula for washboard abs or 20-inch biceps. Super-A is wellness and longevity with core foundational principles and practices from years of experience, common sense, and self-experimentation.



• Online Super-A Club is affordable fitness together, but alone. Featuring global senior trainers (from London to Miami and Mumbai) who have a legion of followers. No workout apps, fitness trackers, or gadgets with a price tag. Super-A is more personable; where you choose the trainer whose teaching style you enjoy most. With low-cost classes that are available both live and on-demand to suit your schedule, instead of confining you to a set time of the day. There is also a library of more than 2,000 pre-recorded audio and video workouts available for FREE.

• Gender-specific media is archaic; magazines like ‘Men’s Fitness’ and ‘Elle’ are out of touch with society – what makes one article male and another female?  The Super-A Journal is next generation publishing, chronicling the stories of like-minded people – male or female – who are emerging and inspiring all of us, ranging in topics from fitness and lifestyle to wellbeing and news; all through the lens of the Super-A ‘Tribe’.

• Online Super-A Shop where we have the best complete home workout kit for less than £50 – cheaper than the cost of many monthly gym memberships – so you can keep up those fitness plans despite the disruption of coronavirus.


Come and join our tribe Super-A’s – like-minded people who enjoy the bonds of shared knowledge and encouragement: priceless commodities that money cannot buy.


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