The Book In You

by | 24th Sep 2020

AS MD OF LIBRI Publishing, I get a large number of requests from would-be authors.  All these potential manuscripts need to have an interesting angle for us at Libri to feel we can engage with a potential author.

Everyone has a book in them. With traditional publishing, you have a publisher; the marketing, cover design, layouts, and copy-writing are done for you. With self-publishing – once you’ve finished writing your book – you need to be a layout artist, cover designer, editor, and proof-reader, and on top of that, be able to market your book too.

With self-publishing, it can be a depressing experience, and even more complicated getting a self-published book into the shops.  That is, unless you have a good following of supporters who are willing to share your posts, otherwise you are in for a tough time.

The ever-shifting publishing landscape has determined how we at Libri have evolved. We can now offer a traditional publishing contract or, for new writers, a partner publishing contract; where a contribution is paid by the author to share the costs of the initial production and printing of the work. The publishing process is identical; from the review of a manuscript to placing the finished book in the marketplace.

A colleague suggested I meet with Wayne Lèal, saying that there was a good story to publish. Knowing little more than Wayne had published before, we arranged to meet in Knightsbridge, talked, and – heading back to the office – it was evident to me that the proposed manuscript would have an interesting view on wellbeing. I could not help reflecting on a conversation that had this message from Wayne

Ageing is inevitable, but how we age is different for everyone. The desire to defy age and improve physical performance is as ancient as human history itself, and scientists say that just 10 per cent of ageing is down to genetics – the rest is down to lifestyle.

Once the proposal had been approved by our Editorial Board, Wayne started working with our editor and production team. The book quickly took shape and had the title of “Lone W.O.L.F: – Becoming a Super-Ager”. Using clients and contacts, Wayne arranged the book launch to be at Body Worlds Piccadilly, London ( ). This unique ‘museum’ believed there was a synergy between the book and their exhibition.

There was a recurring theme that continued to be discussed whenever I spoke with Wayne. This was a result of the first meeting which focussed on the theme that Wayne Léal called the “Super-Ager”. The concept proposed that individuals could achieve a life-affirming fitness goal without the pain, strain and accompanying boredom.  In addition to this, it was not age-related but focussed on being “good for your age” with all the physical and psychological benefits associated with wellness.

Following discussions between Wayne and Libri Publishing, we are planning to develop an imprint entitled “Super-A”.  This imprint would carry a range of titles with ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Super Ageing’ being the main topics.

So, follow Wayne and Libri if you think you have a story to tell. You may have a book hidden away in your thoughts, or a chapter that would combine with like-minded writers to contribute to a book of individuals who relate the Super-Ageing mindset.

John Sivak,

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