Super-A Image

by | 17th Aug 2020

SUPER-A’S ARE NOT subject to the same process of organic decay as most people. We don’t chase trends and have minimal wardrobes – divesting in excess; buying better and fewer pieces of clothing. Our focus is on perfecting the quality and fit of what we choose to wear every day.

This does not mean Super-As are boring – quite the contrary.  Take Lenny Kravitz, who redefines the image of 50+ year old.  He is a Super-A of hip fashion and style – and we all have a little bit of Lenny in us!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, you can dare to be different; with an edgy distinct image.  The way you look demonstrates your sense of individualism and proves that the younger generation are not the only ones who can wear whatever the hell they want.

What you say is not as powerful as the way you look

There is, of course, no age limit but you can look too old if you’re wearing the wrong things at the wrong time. Yes, it’s different for everyone, and only you’ll know if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.  What you wear all amounts to common-sense choices associated with what best fits your lifestyle, weight and body type. Remember, keep it simple, stylish and under-stated and you’ll be dressed appropriately for your age.

The way you carry yourself will resonate with others

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a clothing time-warp but harder to identify and eliminate a look that is now out-dated. Style is about knowing when you’ve unwittingly passed the ‘buy-by’ date; it’s all about showing off your personality, taste and body shape.

Style Essence

Being who you are, how you think and how you communicate is what makes you authentic and genuine. Your style essence is the way other people would describe you based purely on how you behave, how you talk; when you are being your most natural self.

Style Expression

Your style essence is revealed through your style expression. And being fit is crucial because your style expression is determined by how you carry yourself: your posture, gait, and what impression you make when you walk into a crowded room.

With age, you change, and your essential style depends on how you see yourself. My image is a mirror of how I feel inside – it is an outward expression of my resistance to what other people think. With some thought – and the self-confidence that comes with maturity – anyone can adopt a Lenny Kravitz style image.

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