by | 23rd Sep 2020

THE FASHION INDUSTRY requires new products, so its par of the course that useless, uninteresting, and ugly designs enter into production.

Today it’s about fast fashion, without a soul, and people are buying things like a sugar rush satisfaction. Neither do they think of their style – is this shopping by reflex, rather than thought-through decisions? Reeboks Zig Kinetica Edge trainer is hideously ugly and garish– but less of my personal rant this is what Reebok have to say.

This reimagined version of Reebok’s Zig Kinetica Edge training shoe takes the shoe’s signature street-style from the city to the mountains, paired with bold color and understated graphics. The first drop of the Zig Kinetica Edge is part of Reebok’s Battle the Elements collection – a line created to meet the demands of your daily environment and battle the elements without sacrificing style. Each piece of the collection incorporates performance details with a lifestyle execution to provide the utmost level of versatility.

That’s it folks yours for the princely sum of £120 at

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