Smoothie On The Go

by | 2nd Nov 2020

BEING ON AN intermittent diet, my first meal of the day has to be highly nutritious and filling.  Fitting that into a busy day, when my car is my office and, without having to get up at ‘stupid-o’clock’, is hard to do; and that’s where Honestly Good come in.

I tried a few of their kits; loved most – and hated one (I’m afraid spirulina makes me gag!) – but these frozen pouches are a revelation.  There are loads of ready prepped recipes and the standard price is well under £4 per smoothie (you just need to buy the milk).

Each one contained a wealth of ingredients that you wouldn’t readily have to hand, or want to buy separately (your store cupboard/fridge would be jam-packed with products you’ll struggle to use by the Sell-By date).  What would seem to be weird combinations, like banana, mango, pineapple, cucumber and mint, etc – “The Vitamin Sea One”, are really well-balanced and taste so fresh.  Anticipating a tough afternoon workout, I had “The Fitness Fuel One” – containing banana, green apple, cannellini beans, tofu etc.  I certainly wasn’t weak and wasted following a big gym session after that!  However, quite a few of the recipes don’t contain enough protein for an intermittent fasting regime, but what’s to stop you adding your own protein powder?

Everything about Honestly Good is quite ingenious; from the packaging (they are on a mission to be a Zero-Waste business); the 100% organic ingredients; the variety of smoothie kits and bundles available.


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